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Here are answers to some of the queries that come by our way:

Do you travel for weddings?
Yes we do. We absolutely love traveling! We also absolutely love shooting in namma Bengaluru!

How long do you take to edit?
The deliverables are ready 4-6 weeks after the last event.

How do you choose the music?
We prefer it if you can give us a list. We also have a music library with a variety of instrumental music and songs for your wedding videos. You can always take a look at it. The rituals/ chants/ vows/ random conversations are recorded live during the wedding events and these tracks will also be used in the final film. 

Do we have to book you for both the Wedding Films and Wedding Photography?
We would love it if you did but we are more than happy to work with other photographers/filmmakers depending on what you go with.

How do we book you?
Email/Call us. Do leave us your contact number if you email us. We usually call back to have an informal chat and to make sure we both are on the same page. We then make you a personalized quote catering to your very specific requirements. At times clients book us immediately, at other times we meet with the couple to show our work/deliverables etc. Meetings can happen either at our office in KR Puram or at any place, in the city, convenient for you.  After you decide the package you want, we will send you a contract to review and sign. You need to send that back and deposit a non-refundable fee of 25% in our bank account.

And the payment?
Booking fee: 25%
Second Installment: 50% (four weeks prior to the event)
Final Payment: 25% (on the date of the last event)

Do we need to do anything before we contact you?
Do take a look at our work!